It has been almost a year since this idea started of helping individuals with their disability entering the workforce. We have been working hard at developing a brand, creating products and establishing community connections. The ideas have been running rampant.

A little update from Grinders Coffee Company!

We have expanded to just over ONE HUNDRED coffee options on our website! That is crazy! That gives our customers a very good variety to explore and find their favorites!

Door Drops

We are continuing to offer Free Delivery – Door Drops in the greater Appleton Area. It is as easy as placing an order and once you put your address information (zip code specifically) it will give you the option to choose Door Drop. How this program works is we compile all the orders together each Tuesday at 9am from the previous week leading up to Tuesday at 9am and get them roasted and ready to be delivered at the end of the week. This way the coffee is so fresh it will knock your socks off.

Hot Cocoa

We have Premium Hot Cocoa made with real Hershey’s Cocoa available in the two pound packages.

Loose Leaf Teas

We are working to get the retail packaging, labels, and info uploaded to our website. We will be carrying quite a few options available to order. Along with accessories for brewing and steaping your own tea at home.

Community Efforts

We have strong ties to the community. Since the inception of our idea we have had great support from community organizations and members throughout the community. We are so forever grateful for the support that we have received. We have a few programs that we are offering to help schools, charities and non-profit groups raise money for their groups. We have laser-etched tumblers with your organizations logo/name, easy fundraising through our website with a unique url, and traditional fundraising forms. All these have great ROI for your organizations. To inquire about these programs please email Chris at

Our Fundraising

We are raising funds to get into our first cafe space. The start up costs are significant higher than going into a regular coffee shop. We have to build ours a little different. We have set our initial goal to $100,000. We are seeking donations from companies, community organizations, and individuals in order to reach our goal. For donation inquiries please reach out to Chris Rowe at

Cafe progress…

We have been meeting with community members in the Greater Appleton area to get location ideas and a better idea of cost to build or cost to renovate.