Here is a little more about myself, Christopher Rowe. I own Fortune Talent Dj Service and part owner of Ipseity360 with Rachael Dowling. I have been wanting to open a restaurant for many years that brought down barriers for those with Developmental or Cognitive Disabilities. In August 2019… I told Rachael my idea and it’s all coming to fruition as I write this post. We will be launching our online store that will sell coffee through Grinders Coffee Company (if you haven’t like that page please do). We will take 100% of all profits and invest it into bringing the Cafe and Co-Work space (and another surprise) to The Fox Valley area. We will also be releasing our Ambassadors Program soon. Our Ambassadors will help us sell the coffee to the world. In return the Ambassadors will receive $1 per 12oz. coffee bag sold to their charity of choice through our website. If you are interested in the Ambassadors program join the Grinders VIP Coffee Group. We will be releasing more information in that group.

We are featuring artwork from children and adults that have a developmental or cognitive disability on our labels for our coffee bags. We are bringing awareness and a platform to help many of them with their many endeavors that they are doing themselves to bring awareness.

Our website is getting a few security upgrades and we need to finish up two more pages and then we will push it live here.

Please stay tuned to this page for future updates. We also want to keep in touch with the community. Watch for us at community events in the area too.

We appreciate everyone’s help on making this dream come true. I also want to thank my wife, Lindsey and Son Cam for standing behind me on this the last few months!

Dream Big… Grind On!
Chris Rowe