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Whatever you choose! We have both ground and whole coffee available.

Our coffee is ground and ready for a standard coffee machine. If you’re looking ground coffee for a pour over, french press, or espresso machine, we suggest running the coffee once more for a finer grind. 

Our coffee is sourced from all over the world! If you are looking for Fair Trade or Organic coffee, please let us know so we can accommodate your order.

One ground, coffee should be used within the first 60 days of opening. If you might take longer to drink your coffee, we suggest either purchasing whole beans and grinding them as needed. Or, you can keep your ground coffee in the fridge.

For a standard coffee machine, we suggest two tablespoons of ground coffee for every 8oz brewed cup. 

If you are using a french press we suggest using 3 Tbls for every 8 oz of brewed coffee. 

Coffee Machine:  2 Tbl = 8 oz  Brewed Cup 

French Press:  3 Tbl = 8 oz Brewed Cup 

Pour Over:  3 Tbl = 8 oz Brewed Cup  *Do not fill your brew basket beyond ½ full of ground coffee. The water/coffee needs room to steep.

Our 5 blends of coffee are the most popular customer choices! You’d be safe with any of these. If you’re looking to gift our coffee to someone, we suggest not buying them decaf. Unless you want to lose friends. People like caffeine. If you buy someone coffee with caffeine, they’ll probably like you too.

We are based in Wisconsin and ship coffee all over the country! All of the proceeds from Grinders Coffee Company will be used to open a physical location. Our first location is planned to open in Menasha, WI. And a second location is being planned in Kimberly, WI / Darboy, WI.

Well, we won’t refuse help! Send us a message, and we’ll see how we can best work together! In the meantime, just sharing our website or social media with someone is always appreciated.

Our artists were chosen based on how active they are in the disabled community. We love supporting people who already do good! If you would like to be an upcoming artist, send us a message. Be sure to include your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. ) and how you’re already participating in the disabled community. If you’re looking for a on-off bag for a custom gift, let us know! We can print a few bags* for you with your custom artwork or image. 

*2 bag minimum order.

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