Turning the knob-like dial on the TV set and straightening the antennas waiting for a signal to come in. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air. And sitting on the ground while swirling my spoon through a bowl of cereal. I still remember watching Sesame Street on a small black-and-white television set at my friend Nichole’s house

Isn’t it funny how the everyday morning routine becomes ingrained into our memories? 

Just like other children’s programs that have immortalized their way into our hearts – I don’t think the creators of Sesame Street knew these puppets would become icons to children all over the globe. 

Even with ground breaking characters like Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch, chances are, if Caroll Spinney had walked past you on the sidewalk, you wouldn’t have paid much attention to him. 

In an interview with Yankee Magazine, Caroll said, “I’ve gotten used to the fact that Big Bird’s super famous and I’m a nobody… I made my peace with it. I’m glad I’m not recognizable.”

Maybe I’m strange… But that is my goal too. 

I want to make big waves in my community in the world. And I’m 100% okay with no one knowing who I am. actually, that would be preferred. 

With Christmas right around the corner, isn’t that one of the many joys of the season? Whether you are donating to your favorite charity, or leaving a gift on the neighbors porch.  there is something exciting and wonderful about being a secret gift giver. 

And as we probably all know by now (even though we might not want to admit it) It is the “regular” moments filled with meaning and love that stand out. 

Just like Big Bird showing up on our TVs every day, these “regular” moments are the ones we treasure. The moments that encouraged us. The moments that showed us joy in the simple things. 

Be consistent. 

Show up daily. 

Find joy in the everyday tasks. 

Take the time to be Big Bird to someone else in your home or community.

Dream big. Grind on.