We are working with non-profits to help support them with their fundraising needs!  We just launched our first non-profit fundraiser with Autism Service Dogs of America.  We are trying out a new method to help them raise money.  All you have to do is add the “$0” product to support their cause. The $0 product helps us track the orders and gives them free reign of the complete catalog.  We are also doing limited edition labels for our coffees.

We can do traditional paper fundraising, limited edition product, and partnering for a “pay as you raise” fundraisier.

Traditional Paper Fundraising

We come up with a small variety of items that you can sell and a fixed earning per item.  We then set a timeline for selling and turn in everything at once and we then ship you the product to distribute.  Sell more and we can provide higher returns.

Limited Edition Product Fundraising

We create a limited edition product for you to sell either through our website or tradional paper fundraising.  For example like a “Hot Cocoa Holiday Fundraiser” or a Blend of coffee.

Pay as You Raise Fundraiser

This one is a little less work on your end and can be setup to earn you money in a “passive income” fashion.  We setup a “$0” product with your fundraiser name on it and all you have to do is have that added to any cart of your supporter.  We track those orders and pay out the earnings monthly to a PayPal or Venmo Account of your organization.

We have partnered with a local veteran owned company to do limited edition laser etched tumblers, water bottles, and mugs.  Inquire below on the tumbler fundraiser options.

To check out the ASDA Fundraiser click here

If you have a non-profit and would like to fundraise with us contact us at chris@grinderscoffeecompany.com