Hey! It’s me, Rachael. I’m the other co-founder of Grinders Coffee Company… and I have a confession to make.

I read a post this week that really hit me. Instant goosebumps. Maybe you read it too. 

This modern-day Goldilocks story was written by the mom of a little girl who had a prosthetic leg. She talks about the struggles she had in trying to find her daughter a dance class to join. 

One dance class completely rejected her daughter joining. 

One dance class allowed her to join, but wasn’t willing to adjust  the dance routine so she could fully participate. 

And finally, they found a dance class that was willing to let her join – and even revised the dance routine so that she could adapt and thrive in class. 

The third class was just right. 

I knew some of the struggles people in the disabled community dealt with – but this article struck a cord in my heart. 

Confession: Have I done this? Have I made someone feel this way? 

If we’re being honest, our society has done a terrible job of adapting to the disabled community. And I think it’s because we’re honestly confused about how to. And we’ve been too embarrassed to admit it. 

“People with autism, intellectual, and/or developmental differences are smart… many companies fail to recognize their potential, or don’t know how to hire and train these qualified candidates.”

-Nicole Sexton, EIF President and CEO

That’s why our mission needs to become a reality. People with disabilities are smart. But how do we train them for the workforce? To live independently? Why hasn’t the 81% unemployment rate – the highest in any demographic – woken us up to the need? 

Our vision is to have a job training center where all people can come to be trained and accepted. This goes beyond making changes to the layout of a store. This has to do with having the time to slow down, and being willing to allow someone to do things – in their own way, at their own pace. 

We’re ready to slow down. We’re ready to let people learn at their own pace. The goal is to let people with cognitive and developmental disabilities learn real job skills and become prepared for independent living. 

Opening this coffee shop/job training center is just the first wave. We have so much planned. 

So, how can you help? 

Do you drink coffee? Or know someone who does? 

Our online shop is open, and you can buy our coffee right now! One hundred % of all proceeds are going to opening our coffee shop. That’s right. We’re not taking a paycheck. That’s how dedicated we are to seeing this happen. 

For sticking in there and reading this article, I’d love to give you a coupon for $1 off any order. Just enter the promo code: Confession

Thank you for helping support our mission. I can’t wait to make this a reality. 

Dream Big… Grind On. 

Rachael Dowling