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Our Mission

Our mission for Grinders Coffee Company is to support the community in multiple facets.  We are striving to provide an environment that supports the employment of persons with disabilities that can benefit from learning life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, person to person interaction and motor skills.  We also want to provide a meeting place, a workspace, and resources to help support Entrepreneurs.  We want to be part of the community rather than in a community.


Best Coffee

Our Customers are raving about our coffee! Our Artisan small batch coffee is amazingly fresh with no metallic or bitter aftertaste.

Wholesale / Business

Do you own a Business? Want to share our coffee with your employees. We have a discount for businesses and wholesale discounts


Enjoy our coffee on an automatic delivery subscription service.


Do you have a non-profit or school that would like to raise funds? We can run your fundraisers virtually or traditional and you get paid to sell some amazing coffee!

Do you LOVE coffee?

We have the perfect thing for all of you coffee lovers out there!

Get a subscription of our coffee to be delivered monthly at a discount! Our subscriptions are automatically shipped every month and your credit card is charged when we start roasting your coffee to order

Grinders Coffee Company

Newest comments

Thomas Ringbauer

Just made a pot of Positivity Highlander Grog . An order will be coming soon.

Jessica Elise

I love coffee…and this stuff is delicious!!! Added bonus: Great mission!

Annette Roehrig

I ordered Thanksgiving blend and my husband raves about how great it tasted. I tried it and had the same reaction – so incredibly smooth and flavorful. Definitely the best coffee we’ve ever had!!

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Grinders Coffee Company

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